Elder Foote

Elder Foote

Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 13 Brazil and my Bowels!!

So we had another baptism this week! Puttin in work over here but i want more so im about to baptize the world over here! So this week I've had and still have some major stomach pains and diarrhea!  Man,  I thought for sure I was gonna crap my pants so hard! I lucked out and that didnt happen! With all this diarrhea and walking i would think i would lose weight but no,  still gaining :(
This food is getting me good!
 So one lesson this week we were teaching this girl and her boyfriend and another one of her friends and i showed them a picture of The Krew (me, Gavin, Ray, Dylan, Dylan) Shout out to the boys I love you babes! Anyways the girls were like `WOW we need to go to America` aw man it was so funny and the boyfrineds face was priceless. Being American here is so good! We get into so many houses because im such a good looking missionary! Okay I think thats about it! I miss and love you All! 
Elder Foote

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 12 Mission Hopping??

What's up sexy Americans!?
So this week was pretty okay. We had two baptisms which was tight but I let my companion do the baptisms cause he doesn't have a lot!
 So lets get to the good stuff! I was on splits with another Brazilian and we walked in to teach her and she kissed me lol! so freaking whack like huh!? I had no idea what happened! Also so this week we had a training meeting and it was in Porto Alegre which is an hour away by bus and so we go and learn all day! Head back to our area and go teach! Then Its time to head to the house, we get there and my companion left the keys in his jacket which he left in Porto Alegre! So we slept at other missionaries house and left that morning, took the wrong bus and ended up in the Porto Alegre South mission! Then got the keys and then i had no money to return home and so i made that boy pay for me! Also I'm getting pretty thick and i started working out and my butt is gettin HUGE people! I love you all and wanna hear from you! 
Elder Foote

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 11- I'm Sleep deprived!!!

So this week was pretty alright not gonna lie! So I has an interview with my Mission President and i have to come home....Just kidding (i wish). Also right infront of my very own eyes i witnessed a drug deal! So crazy lol. I swear I have some of the best stories out there! So get this! This week my companion was teaching a lesson and the investagator didnt seem very interested and she freaking fell asleep, but get this it gets better! I also freaking fell asleep during the lesson! My companion is so boring he put two people asleep like that, man! I also fell asleep during companionship study! lmao im so good! Also me and my companion got into another fight and this time i told him i didnt like him wanted a a new trainer lmao. Also one member and his wife called me gay because i was wearing pink socks and then she tried to give me some of her socks like HUH! Im striaght as can be! Well i love you all and keep me updated people! Also im attaching a picture of my everyday sight in Brasi! I love you all!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 10

Nothing much happened this week, except the fact that no one can pronounce my name here, its whack. So get this our hot water wasnt working and i thought, its brazil, i dont even know if i can get hot water and so i asked my companion about it and he goes ´oh yeah we have to buy a part. So, I buy the part( becuase he likes the cold water)  and i turn off all the electricity so when i fix it i wont get shocked and that boy turns it back on and i got shocked so mother freaking hard it hurt like crazy! Also get what else... that boy uses all my freaking hot water smh. Another thing is there is no way im not gonna get fat here!!! i get fed here all the time and its great. One lady asked if i liked the food here casue she can tell im getting fat! HUH. Also in the middle of a freaking good lesson i was teaching all of a sudden (in mid sentence) i started talking in English and she looked at me all confused and i looked at her all confused and it was so freaking funny. On a serious note idk how much longer i can take this companionship, i feel like i can get along with a lot of people but seriously, we dont get along at all.  I sometimes feel like im babysitting a child and everyday we leave i have to go over a checklist for him cause he forgets everything! You all have a good week.
Elder Foote