Elder Foote

Elder Foote

Monday, May 29, 2017


This week I've seen a miracle. We working our lives away and we werent having any luck and so I said a prayer for us and during the prayer I said please help us find a family of 4! The next house we hit we met a family of 3 but I was still grateful and about half way through the lesson another one of their kids walked out! It was a family of 4!! I was almost in tears!
 Guys I know that Heavenly Father answers every single prayer and if you are reading this and dont know anything about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I invite you personally to pray to our Heavenly Father and ask and when you recieve that assurance to be baptized! I promise you all this is the best way for everyone! I love this work and being here and its the best thing for me! I love you all. Other than that it was a good week and ready to work another! Have a great week everyone. 
Elder Foote
Chase leaving for two years.

Brazil, Porto Alegre North Mission!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 25 Soggy Bread

Well this week was all fun and games and Im so happy!
First off my freaking bestfriend Gavin Turley got his mission call to the Indiana Indianapolis Mission and Im so happy for that kid and i love him so much! Hes gonna change so many lives over there! Also we wont see each other for almost 3 years! Oh my!
Anyways, today we went to the same market 3 times for stuff and we made some nasty grilled cheese and it was soggy! So gross and stuck to the plate! Also we knocked at this old mans house and i have no idea what he said but i think hes a good guy lol and i guess we can baptize him!
All is good here and we are working hard over here and we have a baptism this week! Lost our 4 week streak but we will get it up again! Anyways, I love you all and have a safe good week! Yall can email me if you want! 
Elder Foote

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 24 Holy Water

Man it was so good seeing my family and Gavin at skype. I miss them all so much! My cute litte niece was wearing a shirt and it said `if you think I'm awesome you should meet my uncle´aw man that is so true! I'm so awesome and the shirt was talking about me not Nick ;)
Anyways this week was good we had another baptism over here and this week we were working our butts off and we made 34 new investagators! Me and Elder Gallup, my new American companion! So one day I asked this old lady for some water and we started drinking it and she says this water is blessed from my pastor! What is this, I almost died and spit it out! What kind of people are these people! They dont got the priesthood! What else happened this week? We met a ton of people and one guy had no arms and i shook his limp shoulder or whatever its called and it felt so weird wth! Just trying to baptize more people over here! I love you all and miss you all! 
Elder Foote

Chase misses Gavin, a lot!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 23 My Friends

Hello my good friends! This week was pretty okay. We had a baptism! Also can possibly have about 4 this week! We also had transfers and I got a new companion but staying in Saprianga! Im with an American named Elder Gallup! We are gonna baptize the crap out of people here! Im stoked and im loving it here! I cant wait to see you guys on skype woohoo! Time is flying sometimes! I miss and love you all! Have a safe and sexy week!
Elder Foote

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 22.. Death threat!!

This week has been pretty crazy and I have some stories for you guys!
 This week me and my companion bought a pizza and after it went right through me and i ran to the bathroom and while i was in there it passed through my compnaion and that beaner crapped in a bag like wth who does that he couldnt wait like a minute or two! Also the next day he got some pepper on his butthole and I remember Good ole Brother Mattson saying when you get spicy down there neosporn is the trick and so i gave him some lol. it works! shout out to Brother Mattson for that! youre a real one!
Also this week we were teaching a lady and she had two guys working in the backyard and one was drunk and i laughed at him walking and he said to me if i laugh again i can walk into his house with him and he will shot me with his gun lol. Ba people are crazy drunk.
Also this week we have eaten so much and one day i woke up ay 4 in the morning with the worst stomach ache and i couldnt sleep at 4:40 am i left my bed and had some nasty double dragon! which is like a hose coming out of both ends at the same time! it was awful! The work here is good and this up coming week we should have some more baptisms! I love you all! Have a great week! Stay safe.
Elder Foote