Elder Foote

Elder Foote

Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 35 Transfers!

Hey everyone so today I'm getting transferred again! I'm leaving Gravataí which i was in for 3 weeks and going back to Zone Novo Hamburgo! Jut a different area there! Ill be opening up the area with my new companion! I don't know who it is yet lol! but ill be leaving shortly! Also shout out to my boys Gavin Turley and Dylan Lesueur for their birthdays this week! I'm stoked for you boys and have a good birthdays babes! I love you guys! Have a great week.
Elder Foote

Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 34 Just another mission email

So this week was tight. We had a mission tour with Elder Aidukatis and he basically just roasted us the whole time and told us how we need to be way better than we are doing. Other than that i also did learn a lot and ready to baptize the heck out of people. Also at church i translated everything for one of our investigators cause he doesn't speak Portuguese, but he speaks English but holy im forgetting English lol. Also i was sick as a dog yesterday and ended up in the hospital yesterday. It was awful and i dont like shots at all. All is good though and its a good life but im getting too happy so somethings gonna happen next week with transfers to ruin it all. I love you all.
Elder Foote
Elder Goncalves and Elder Foote at mission conference

Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 33 Changes

Hey everyone! This week has been super fun! So I got emergency transferred! I'm with Elder Gonçalves, in Gravataí which is the same stake as i started my mission! So its all gonna be fun and games here and now I'm living with 4 missionaries! I'm so happy and ready to baptize the world here!!!!!! Also I'm getting to know the area and people so its fun! i love you all and I'll keep you all updated next week!
Elder Foote

                     Elder Foote and Elder Goncalves

Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 32 Challenge For All!

Hey everyone this week was pretty good! It was a lot better of a week and had some good success! I've been reading The Book of Mormon lately and all the stories I've seen in it has helped me so much and how many Prophets have prayed for help and have used their faith but then they worked diligently to show our Heavenly they needed and wanted his help! Sometimes we want all these blessings to be in our life right away but we will sit and wait for them! That does nothing! I have learned from my mission and for the rest of my life, we are always representatives of Jesus Christ and for us to receive these blessings we need to work a little harder, a little more. I challenge you all to open you mouth one time this week, speak to someone about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the difference it'll make in your life will be incredible! I'm so happy to be a missionary and to share the true happiness that we have and we all deserve! I love you all and exercise your faith this week!
Elder Foote

Gilbert Temple Open House  w/Craig, Gavin, Dylan, Chase, Dylan

Chandler, Gavin and Chase

Dylan, Ray, Dylan, Gavin, and Chase...AKA, The Krew

2017 QCHS graduation. Gavin and Chase

Chase's mission opening. Gavin, Chase, Ray and Dylan

Gavin and Elder Foote. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 31 Brasil!

Hey everyone i think the hardest parts of the mission is trying to figure out the titles of these emails! So this week was kinda really sucky...lol We have been working our butts off over here and we aren't having very much luck at all! We had 0 investigators come to church with us and it sucks cause if they don't go to church they can't be baptized! I don't know but here no one has a desire to go to church or they say they will don't show up and i don't know how to change it we have been trying everything and getting rides for them to go and they still ignore us and we call them and everything its just a little rough here other than that this week we had some splits with our Zone Leaders which was pretty fun! Also we were walking in the street and heard some screaming and saw a guy take off on his bike with a lady's cellphone. So we watched a lady get robbed it was strange, got the blood pumping then i started day dreaming of how sick it would've been if i like hit the guy on the bike and got the phone then i came back to reality lol. Not much else is happening! We are making cupcakes later today and tomorrow are gonna be so American for the 4th of July! Have a good American week everyone stay safe! Love you all and would be great to hear from you!
Elder Foote